Полоуборочная техника : SD1400Ride-on sweeper

SD1400Ride-on sweeper


SD1400Ride-on sweeper

Powerful dust control system

High performance maintenance free battery used, no leakage, no harmful gas released

Specially designed sweeping method for a theoretical dust bin usage up to 99.99%

Pressurized dust removal system to avoid secondary dust

High quality parts used for lower maintenance and service cost

Solid tires for airport use

Durable electronic control system with over current and under voltage protection

Heavier chassis for better driving stability

High capacity dust bin


Product series: Ride-on sweeper



Model SD1400 SD1400DP
working efficieny 1400mm 1400mm
working efficieny 8400㎡/h 8400㎡/h
Climbing ability 20% 20%
Main brush length  690mm 690mm
  36V 36V
Working time 6-8h 6-8h
Tank capacity 150L 150L
water tank capcacity 40L 40L
Traction motor power 1500W 1500W
Operation power(main brush+vacuum motor+dust shaker) 700+400+50W 700+400+50W
Turning radius 1100mm 1100mm
Max Work Speed 6km/h 6km/h
Max Speed 8.5km/h 8.5km/h
 Filter area 5㎡ 5㎡
Battery 12V*3 100AH 12V*3 100AH
 Weight 700kg 730kg
Dimension(L/W/H) 2200*1400*1650mm 2200*1400*2160mm

SD1400/SD1400BF can vacuum, sweep and spray water at the same time, ideal for outdoor use. Suitable for parks, sanitation use, plaza and school use.It’s a great support for cleaning and property management industry




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